SYCCB-1B Infrared Propane Gas Sensor C3H8

Product description
The SYCCB-1B infrared propane gas sensor is an industrial-grade gas sensor based on non-spectroscopic infrared detection technology (NDIR). For the principle of specific thermal catalysis and semiconductor, it has good selectivity, no cross gas interference, stable performance, long life, high sensitivity, can continuously detect the concentration of propane in the air, and the relevant data is transmitted in real time, and the sensor also has built-in temperature compensation function, which can meet the needs of industrial field, laboratory measurement and other different uses.

Product characteristics
Low power consumption
Long life
Dual channel detection technology
Small drift
Long-term stability
Oxygen free dependence
Temperature compensation in full range
Guarantee detection accuracy
Intrinsically safe explosion protection
TTL serial output

Chemical engineering
Liquefied gas station
Gasoline storage and transportation


Measuring gas C3H8
Sensor type NDIR
Operating voltage 3.3V-5VDC
Operating power consumption <60mA
Measuring range 0-2% VOL
Response time <25s
Operating temperature -40-70℃
Operating humidity <95%RH(Condensation free)
Operating pressure 86Kpa-106Kpa
Storage temperature -40-85℃
Service life >10year
Communication interface TTL@3.3V
Shell Material SUS
Certification Exia II CT4 Ga
Shell protection IP64

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