SYCHA-1AA Laser Methane Sensor CH4

Product Description
SYCHA-1AA laser methane gas sensor is a high-precision, miniaturized gas sensor designed based on tunable laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS). It has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, stable performance, sensor components, long life and high sensitivity. It can continuously detect methane concentration in air. The relevant data is transmitted in real time, and the sensor also has the function of internal temperature and pressure detection.

Product Characteristics

Ultra-low power consumption
Fast response speed (15s)
Detect gas without cross interference
High stability
TTL serial output


Chemical engineering
Gas leak detection in tunnels and pipelines
Natural gas pipeline
Methane detection
Household gas leak alarm


Measuring gas CH4
Sensor type TDLAS Laser
Operating voltage 3.3V-5VDC
Operating power consumption <0.75W@25℃
Measuring range 0-100%LEL
Response time <15s
Operating temperature -40-70℃
Operating humidity <98%RH(Condensation free)
Operating pressure 86Kpa-106Kpa
Indication error 0-70% LEL ±2% LEL
70-100% LEL±5% LEL
Storage temperature -40-85℃
Service life >8year
Communication interface TTL@3.3V
Shell Material Aluminum
Certification Exia II CT6 Gb
Shell protection IP66

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