SINY Won the “Xunshi 2021 Excellent Quality Award”

January 11, 2022

On January 11, 2022, the 2021 annual summary of NewsStone and the live broadcast of the 8th Hero List Awards were successfully held. Operators, chip vendors and senior analysts of NewsStone shared the development of 5G, temperature control chips and optical communication markets. During the same period of the conference, the results of the 8th Xunshi Hero List were officially announced. In 2021, four categories of awards, namely “the most competitive optical communication product”, “Excellent Quality Award”, “Excellent Technology Award” and “Brand Recommendation Award” were set up. , aims to select excellent products in 2021, and encourage optical communication enterprises to actively innovate and forge ahead!

The Xunshi Hero List is composed of more than 30 experts in the field of optical communication and Xunshi Consulting. The judges uate the technology, cost, market share, customer satisfaction and third-party authoritative verification of the participating products, and refer to the operating performance, growth rate and other data. , R&D intensity, patents and other factors. Through extensive and multiple rounds of uation and discussion, and through the final comprehensive scoring, the 2021 News Stone Hero List will be assessed.

The free space optical isolator products of SINY OPTIC-COM Co., Ltd. were rated as “Xunshi 2021 Excellent Quality Award”, which commends and recognizes SINY ‘s excellence in product quality, reliability, stable delivery and R&D investment. It is an important participant in the optical communication industry and market. (Note: The source of the report is Shiguang Communication Network).

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